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Pig Roaster by PigOut - The Future of Pig Roasting

The revolutionary pig roaster by PigOut is clean, portable and fully automated and provides hassle free pig roasting for professional chefs, caterers and BBQ enthusiasts.

All in One Pig Roaster and Cooking Center by PigOut

The revolutionary Pig Roaster by PigOut® is the all in one cooking centre.

How to Roast a Whole Pig by PigOut Roasters

Using the PigOut Roaster, we show you how to achieve the perfect whole pig roast on the most versatile pig roast grill.

How to carve a pig on the PigOut Roaster

We are often asked the proper to way to carve a pig on the PigOut Roaster so we have answer by making a video. If you are interested in purchasing a PigOut Roaster or have any questions feel free to visit our website, or call 1 418 261-8689.

Whole Hog Charcoal Rotisserie Spit by PigOut Roasters

The Ultimate Charcoal Rotisserie – 150 LB Capacity. Now on Sale for $895.00 Pig Rotisserie by visiting us at, – or call 1 418 261-8689 The simple but functional whole hog rotisserie from PigOut® Roasters is the ideal hog roaster for those who want a perfectly cooked pig.

The Pig Roaster by PigOut® - Acclaimed by Chefs Worldwide

The Pig Roaster by PigOut® was designed by caterers and is acclaimed by chefs around the world. Whole Hog roasts have never been so easy and so perfect.

Learn how to clean the PigOut Roaster

Demonstration of how to clean the roaster after usage.

PigOut Roaster Unboxing and Assembly

Follow us on Facebook – Congratulations on purchasing your own PigOut Roaster. Watch how to properly un-box and assemble your new PigOut Roaster.

How To - Align Hex Key on Shaft

This video is about How To – Align Hex Key on Shaft

PigOut Cater­ing, a unique full ser­vice, mobile event cater­ing busi­ness

PigOut Cater­ing is a unique full ser­vice, mobile event cater­ing busi­ness, renowned for cre­at­ing deli­cious food from fresh whole­some ingredients. Guests at cor­po­rate and pri­vate events are WOW’d as they expe­ri­ence the Chef roast­ing and bar­be­cu­ing on-​site, enjoy­ing the fab­u­lous aro­mas from the sig­na­ture dishes includ­ing Pig Roast, Baron of Beef and Roast Lamb. The con­cept is rev­o­lu­tion­ary and allows the Fran­chisee to work at any loca­tion for any num­ber of guests with­out the need for high street premises.