Sub Zero Roasting

The sudden cold weather in Eastern Canada has prompted calls asking if you can roast a pig in the PigOut Roaster in sub zero temperatures. So here is what you need to know: The enemy to the roasters ability to maintain roasting temperatures is the wind, just like us humans wind makes us cold, therefore always position your roaster in a sheltered spot and allow a little extra time for cooking. Even at temperatures of 5 degrees your propane cylinder can ice up, if this happens the propane inside contracts and does not feed the burners with sufficient gasses to keep the flames at desired cooking temperatures, therefore, ensure that your tank is up off the floor and wrap in a blanket. If the tank freezes up swap it out with another one. Low gas level tanks will be more affected by colder temperatures.

If you are not getting enough heat to create the crackling skin you can use aluminum foil over the ends of the roaster to keep the hot air in. Do not block all air supply to the roaster as the gas burners need air to function.

Watch a recent Roaster owner from Alberta, Canada roasting a pig with an external temperature of 0 degrees and maintain a 400 degree internal temperature.