World best
Spit-Roaster and
Outdoor Cooking-Center

The PigOut® Roaster was developed to help Caterers make money; attracting customers, taking away many of the hassles of event catering and allowing BBQ enthusiasts to WOW their friends.

Catering Service

from 50 people to 1000 people

Private, Corporate and Marriage

BBQ Pig, Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Turkey, Goat and more!

Kiosk Rental

Baviator Sales Kiosk
Sales Kiosk – Bar Kiosk – or DJ Kiosk

Kiosk: Delivery and Installation

Just 10 minutes to install!

Are you a catering enthusiast?

We’re have what you need!

Catering Essentials

We distribute and rent the world fines catering equipment.


BBQ and Spit-Roaster BLOG

“World best Spit-Roaster”
Johannes Hoffmann – TV Chef

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