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Baviator méchoui and catering service


Mèchoui Québec: Perfect for  Private, Corporate and Wedding events!

We also rent, deliver and install our Méchoui and event equipment.
Baviator’ s pre-build kiosks systems are installed in 5 minutes and delivered by flatbed truck.

Baviator méchoui traiteur catering outdoors pig on roaster

Méchoui and Catering Service

Baviator Catering is a professional catering company in Québec City.

Our Méchoui catering service works not only in the summer but in the  winter as well.
We can roll our outdoor cooking center right into your service area to become part of your buffet.

Wedding méchoui catering with mother and child looking at the finish pig roast

Features !

Private party catering
Wedding Catering
Corporate Catering
Méchoui Catering
Catering Service
Event Catering Service


World best Spit-Roaster and Outdoor Cooking-Center

This propane spit roaster takes away many of the hassles during event catering.
It guarantees that you will WOW your guests during any BBQ and Méchoui party event.


Spit Roaster
BBQ (with 2 Layers)
Carving Station
Interior Serving Station


Made in Quebec

3 different kinds of pre-build kiosk systems.
Sales and event kiosk (opens in the front)
Bar Kiosk System (opens on 3 sides)
DJ Kiosk with huge glass front and side windows.

baviator event kiosk on transparent background
mechoui with charcoal spit roaster tp

Charcoal Spit Roaster

BBQ Pig, Lamb, Chicken, Goat and more!

Ideal for camping, hunting, backyard parties, tailgating and for the beach!

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