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Versatile Pig Roaster and Outdoor Cooking Center

Wow your Guests

Hassle Free Roasting

the 3 stages of the baviator roaster

Over 10+ Roaster Combinations

Méchoui Roaster

Cook up to 170LB Pig. Commercial méchoui. Fully portable. Save on labor.
Save on fuel

Rotisserie Baskets

Roast or smoke up to 40 whole whole chickens, pork butt, beef, potatoes, corn.

Barbecue Rack

Grill chicken, sausage, corn. Use with 2 Steam Pans and 2 BBQ racks for grilling and hot holding

Smoke Box

Fill with moist wood chips, cook on low to add smoky flavors to your meat and fish.

Chafer Pans

Use as a buffet station with 4 standard chaffing pans.

Carving Stand

Table top carving stand for buffet presentation.

Meat tray with handles for Baviator Spit roasterHandled Meat Tray

Heavy duty serve and carve meat tray. Holds up to 100LB. Use inside the Pig Carry Bag or under the Carving Stand.

Pig Carry Bag

Insulated Hot and Cool Bag with Stainless Handled Meat Tray makes delivery and serving easy and hygienic.

Rib Racks

Slow roast 8 racks of ribs in each rack. Roaster holds up to 32 ribs.

Porchetta Rods

Holds boneless & stuffed meat secure during roasting.

Extra Four Prong Clamps

Securely cook multiple pieces of meat on the roasting pole.

Lower Roasting Rack

Roast below your meat when cooking smaller pigs. Increase the capacity of your Roaster.

100% Return on your Investment in 1 Year!

  • Attract new customers
  • Improve food margins
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Rent out when not in use
  • Turn a low cost meat into a fabulous feast and WOW your guests
  • Save on prep time – securing a pig on the roasting pole takes only 20 minutes
  • Temperature controlled roaster, no supervision needed
  • Carving is easy above the roaster. Save on labour – one Chef can carve for hundreds of guests
  • Work at something you love


PigOut Roaster Warranty & Materials

Manufactured with the highest quality 16 gauge, 304 stainless steel and tig welded for a life time of use.
The 10” pneumatic tires go over all terrains with ease. Limited life time warranty on stainless steel body.

Roasters certifications associations


  • 1/20 HP direct drive Bison motor with safety switch
  • 60″ Roasting rod with clamps secures up to 170lb of meat
  • Fuel efficient 57,000 BTU’s propane burners with safety shut off valves – life time warranty
  • Heat resistant, tempered glass allows your guests to enjoy watching the roast
  • Carving plate steam pan insert allow 1 chef to serve hundreds
  • 10″ pneumatic all terrain tires and wagon axle for manoeuvrability
  • Propane or Natural Gas
  • ETL approved to CSA standards

The Pig Roaster includes roasting pole, clamps, carving tray and doors. Delivery is 7-10 days from order, we ship all over the world. This VIDEO LINK will give you everything you need to know from putting your pig on the pole all the way to carving and cleaning so you can have the best experience possible with your PigOut Roaster!


225 lbs

(H=45″) x (L=74″) x (W=28″)

Pig max capacity
170 lbs