Do It yourself Méchoui:

 Baviator Roaster Rentals

An affordable option for the do-it-yourselfer!
Everything you need for your own backyard pig roast. Pigs come fully seasoned and mounted on roasting pole. Simply plug it in, light the fire and your ready to roast! Rentals are available at our Lac-Delage location.

For already prepared and finished roasted Pigs please visit our Catering to go  page.

What we provide:

  • Baviator’ s propane or charcoal roaster (your choice)

  • Seasoned pig, mounted on roasting pole, ready for cooking. (up to 160 pounds)

  • Thermometer to check when the pig roast is ready

  • Easy cooking and carving instructions


What you need:

  • Truck or trailer for picking up the roaster

  • Straps to secure the roaster during transportation

  • Standard (110V 15 Amp) power outlet to operate the motor on the roaster

  • Knife and scissors for carving

  • 20lb tank of propane or charcoal (depending on roasting system chosen)

  • Dry cloths or (even better) oven mitts to lift the cooked pig out of the roaster and onto the carving poles.

  • Water and dish soap for cleaning