Kiosk Quebec

Installation in less than 10 minutes
3 different types kiosk systems.
All build with a solid steel construction and 3″ isolated floors.
Foot print is 10 feet by 10 feet with the door open
34″ steel doors to accommodate large items like fridges or beer drums.

Baviator Sales Kiosk

Click the play button to move in 3D

  • The L shaped sales counter is pre-installed.
  • Leg free installation allows for maximum freedom of movement inside the kiosk.
  • Decorative design panels and custom design can be exchanged in a matter of minutes.
  • large from window converts into a rain roof when open.

Baviator Bar Kiosk

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  • The Bar Kiosk opens on 3 sides.
  • Sales counter surfaces fold up and out.
  • The 3 sided windows are easily opened and closed thanks to gas loaded pistons.
  • Screw and hang or mount anything you like on the walls.
  • The walls are double and solid enough for shelves full of bottles.

Baviator DJ Kiosk

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  • The DJ counter is pre-installed at a height of 42 inch for standing-up DJ’s.
  • lots of legroom and space for additional equipment under the counter.
  • Wall heating system for winter use is pre-installed as well incl thermostat.
  • 3  x 4 mil Acoustic glass panels give you an almost silent environment.

Safe and easy

Up to 4  x 110V connector cables can be securely connected and are preinstalled inside the kiosk incl electrical outlets


Water proof

Behind this door you will find the pre-installed water-proof connectors that lead to the internal power outlets.



Our flat-bed delivery service is located in Wendake and can deliver 2 Baviator kiosk’s per load.



We deliver 365 days per year in winter or summer.
Affordable and fast delivery – anywhere in the province of Quebec.