All three are made in North America which is great, and somewhat unusual today and all three have been selling roasters throughout North America and beyond for over 10 years which means they work at roasting a pig. The main difference between the roasters is in the appearance and applications.  The PigOut Roaster is the only smoke and fume free model allowing it to be used anywhere.  The 10″ pneumatic tires are another major design difference and were added to allow off site caterers to cater at any event with ease, be it on the beach, on a golf course or in your back yard.  The tires combined with the axles allow easy maneuverability by one person.  So there is no need to send 3 or 4 guys to unload and set up.

The Holstein and Meadow Creek Models offer decent cooking times as they are enclosed, however you cannot see how your roast is doing so you are inclined to waste heat in continually opening the lid to check up on the roasting.  The PigOut Roaster has the unique feature of the glass panel.  Not only does it prevent unnecessary heat loss but it allows guests to enjoy watching the pig roast.   Traditionally carving a pig has been a messy operation, we have all been to pig roasts where a couple of guys lay out the roasted pig on a table and with heavy duty gloves tackle the carving process, not something that you would want on your newly finished patio or at your local golf club.

This is where caterers using the PigOut Roaster have a massive advantage.  It is designed in such a way that once the pig is finished cooking you simply lift it up into a carving position and place the carving tray and meat tray under the pig roast, this not only catches and keeps all of your meat hot while carving it also creates a great visual display for the guests attending the pig roast.  Phones are out taking pictures and shared on social media creating great free marketing for the roaster owner and his business.  Oh yes, and the chef carving the meat gets to stand and carve at eye level to the guests and has the chance to interact instead of being buried in a messy table of meat and bones!